Our Founder

Everyone has wild ideas. Isaac Mizrahi is one of the few people crazy enough to act on them. Isaac found himself taking his kids for self-serve frozen yogurt several times a week, and always getting something for himself. As someone looking to lead a healthy lifestyle, it was great. But Isaac knew he could do better.

The Beginning

He opened the first Groovy Spoon in Tarzana, California in 2009. It was an instant hit and Isaac immediately started looking to expand. After visiting Columbus, Ohio, Isaac saw a population of 1.8 million people practically begging for Groovy Spoon. Naysayers scoffed at the idea of opening a frozen yogurt store in a cold-weather state, but Isaac thought differently.

The Growth

The first Groovy Spoon in Ohio opened in May of 2011 and was so successful that Isaac began looking for the next location immediately. Patrons flocked to the store because Groovy Spoon gave them the power to choose their dessert and toppings. Before long, we opened another store in the center of Columbus.

The Future

Groovy Spoon believes that innovation drives success and we have continued to tinker with the store, recently introducing fresh-baked crepes and waffles, in addition to the constant rotation of froyo flavors and toppings. Having opened 2 locations in Ohio and 2 in Los Angeles, Groovy Spoon now has plans for rapid expansion in the next 12 months.